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La Galerie Mobile

La Galerie Mobile pride themselves in using only the finest of materials in our collection. Our vision is to bring our viewer on a textural exploration that we hope inspires awe at the intricate craftsmanship involved in the creation of every piece.’

La Galerie Mobile is a collaboration between artist Andrea Davies and performer Sid Sidlow, taking popular artists as inspiration for a series of spectacular illuminated roving creations with the umbrella as their signature element, each with unique and individual characters sympathetic to each creation. The Cloudmen - Rene Magritte; The Time Minders - Salvador Dali; Walks of Art – Claude Monet/Vincent Van Gogh; PopArt – Roy Lichtenstein and the latest creations the Venetian carnival inspired Baroque and Scroll and eclectic ethereal bubble blowing Elephantessence.


Andrea Davies

An acclaimed visual artist and muralist Andrea Davies has over 35 years of experience as a multidisciplinary practitioner, working internationally with a focus on Europe and Australia. She is passionate about Trompe l’oeil on large scale art works. Her work is commissioned and exhibited internationally and can be seen in a number of prominent places, including at Q Station in Sydney, ANZ Bank, Vivid and Art Month, Sydney. She also works in close collaboration with advertising agencies as a designer, illustrator and artist, and was integrally involved in a number of Cannes Graphite Pencil (DAAD)-awarded projects as well as film and TV. A designer for the series of costumes for La Galerie Mobile, her work is transformed into a three-dimensional form of vibrancy and life.

Sid Sidlow

Has been performing and teaching Circus and Street Theatre in Australia for 27 years. Trained in the UK and on the road with Capt Bob’s Circus prior to emigrating in 1993. Operates as Circusworks as a director/producer/performer. Major facilitator of the Aerial Lab circus training space at the Carriageworks from 1998 – 2005. Runs the Circus Playground, an interactive circus environment. Programmer and performer provider for events.

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